Wise and Foolish


Scripture Reading: Romans 1:18-32


“Because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were they thankful; but became vein in their imaginations and their foolish heart was darkened.” – Romans 1:21 (KJV)


Today’s Radio Program



If God had not..

It was the third time that day I had been called into the principles office. My fourth grade year was not going so smoothly. I had been talking when I wasn’t suppose to, I was disrespectful to my teacher, and above that I had encouraged other boys to do the same. The first time, as I remember I was talked to, and Scriptures where shared about respect and obedience. The second time I was given detention and told to copy some memory verses. The third time that day was met with physical punishment. In those days, spankings where still allowed in the schools. I had to face “Bertha”, the not-so-affectionate name we had given to the paddle our principle used. I remember exclaiming “It’s not fair…”, but it was fair. I had been given ample warning, time to think and multiple chances. The principle had exercised loving discussion. My continued rebellion was met with the a Biblical punishment; a reminder that would certainly cause a change in my direction as a young man.

Many times people claim that God is not fair in bringing His wrath upon mankind. After all He created us. The truth is, each of us rebel against God’s holiness. Even if we did not carry with us the nature of Adam (to be discussed later), we each would sin. This sin is not something cute or small. It is rebellion against God. It would be fair for God to punish us instantly, and for us to be eternally separated from Him. He didn’t do that; instead, He made a path for salvation. Looking over the hole of time God’s grace has been evident since the removal from the garden until this present day. God has constantly tried to share His love and holiness, He gave the law and sacrifices, then ultimately sent His Son to die and pay for sin. Some see God and believe, others turn away and become hardened in their sin. Many even turn away from God for the purpose of continuing in sin; their conscience are seared.

Given Over

This is hard for us to wrap our mind around as it deals with the free will of man. Each person having the opportunity to look on God and believe can either do so, or continue down their path of rebellion. God knows in His infinite knowledge who will and who will not. He forces no person to believe. For those who continue in rebellion, He “hands them over” (v.24) to their own sinful lusts. Those who have exchanged the truth about God and His creation for the lie of paganism, atheism etc., He turns over that they continue down their road of rebellion. Is this fair? Absolutely! God, through Christ has made every opportunity for man to turn to Him by faith. Instead, the natural consequence of sin takes its course.

God is constantly chasing after His creation, desiring that “all would be saved and come to a knowledge of Him“. For those that rebel, they reap the consequence of their decision. Be sure, God is completely fair!

Matthew Elroy

Disciple of Jesus, Husband, Father & pastor.