You’re Alive – Part 1

Daily Reading: Roman 6:1-13

Daily Radio Program

“…as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.”

Romans 6:4b

There is a certain glory in the death of Christ, but it pales in comparison to the glory of the empty tomb. Have you ever seen an image of Christ hanging on the cross? Have you heard messages preached where one might think Christ is still on the cross? Sadly, I’ve experienced both of these situations. If you and I understand, and place our faith in the death of Jesus – believing that we died to sin and are no longer slaves to it, we do well. This is a very important truth and one that I preach often as God gives me the opportunity. The previous devotions spoke definitively of being freed from the grips of sin having died (become separated) from it, but the message does not end there.

Christ did not free of from sin that we may do whatever we want – ignoring His character and our purpose. In order to set the stage for our understanding of the resurrected life, that is the new life we have in Christ, we must remember the very purpose for which we were created. The father created us, that we might enjoy life, worshiping Him; we are created for worship! Let’s be clear about this one thing, and this deserves and entire series of lessons, worship is neither boring, dull or painful. Worship is not one thing – it is everything. Every beat of our heart should be to the worship of God; our decisions, our lifestyle, the things we do, and the thoughts we think, should be – must be, to the glory of God. Living a life that brings glory to God will result in an incredible peace.

The death of Jesus then, did not set us free from sin to live as we desire in the flesh (the old man and his sinful desires), rather He did this that we might live to and for Him – to worship Him. Of course that “old man”, the sinful man, is still present and will remain so until the Lord takes us home. You likely see him every day pulling you and nudging you through your desires to do that which does not bring glory to God. Rest assured, the sinful nature is still present in us until we are glorified and go to be with the Father. The difference, however, is that we are no longer a slave to those desires. Notice again, “knowing this, that our old man was crucified with Him… that we should no longer be slaves of sin.” You are no longer a slave to sin; rather you have the ability (v.13) to, “present yourselves to God as being alive from the dead, and your member as instruments of righteousness to God.” Notice what Paul said, and didn’t say. He did not say that we died to sin so we might live to self. We died to sin that we might live to God – that we might glorify Him as “instruments of righteousness.”

Are we living as instruments of self-pleasure, or are we living as instruments of righteousness?

Matthew Elroy

Disciple of Jesus, Husband, Father & pastor.