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Relating to God

All of the Gospels portray Jesus in a slightly different light, and with varying purposes in mind. Matthew portrays Jesus as the King of the Jews, Mark as the suffering servant, Luke is a precise description of the Savior of this World. The Gospel of John however, depicts Jesus as the Son of God who is come to be the Savior of the World. In the best way human words can describe it, John maintains the balance between the theological emphasis of Jesus’ deity while not diminishing the humanity of Jesus. The importance of this cannot be emphasized enough. As humans we are tempted to treat a relationship with God as something that is unattainable because the vast separation that exists. Even when the separation is removed through the blood of Jesus, at the point of our salvation, many still find it difficult to talk and relate to God.

The Crossed Chasm

The bridge of this chasm is seen clearly in the Gospel of John. The second chapter of John does not start with Jesus far off. Instead it opens with a wedding and Cana. Jesus knew the world was not yet ready for Him to fully reveal who He was. Quite frankly, I’m not sure the world is ready now. At this wedding, Jesus is not found outside the gates – fleeing from those who were drinking and enjoying themselves inside. Neither was He absent from the party. Though Scripture does not record Him drinking wine, and I do not believe He was, Jesus was active in the wedding party. That tells me a tremendous amount about my Jesus. He was neither the introvert nor the extrovert. Both of those positions are selfish. Rather Jesus listens to his mother and responds with a miracle – water changed into wine. As always, Jesus does not do this half way either. Jesus makes fantastic wine. Now perhaps you missed the nuance there. Jesus did not preach about drinking. He may have warned against drinking and riding, but Scripture does not record such things. One thing is for sure. Jesus was with the people as a man, yet He Himself was God.

Carefully consider the consequence of Jesus’ actions in light of your life. It may feel as if God is not concerned about your present situation, or that God is not “in” your struggles and trial. It is true that God does not “cause” all these things to happen. Honestly, He does not have to. The sinfulness of man kind causes plenty of trials and tribulations. Rest assured, Jesus is there by your side in all of these situations. Even when we have sinned and repented, our Lord is there by our side as we work our way out of the situation toward success.

When our lives seem “smooth”, is perhaps one of the most dangerous times. On the top of the mountain we worship God for all the things that He has done. We can see the big picture and am thankful. In the valleys we cry out to God in anguish for His help. It is the mountainside where the most dangerous slopes are found. It is here that we need to remember the same God that turned water to wine at a wedding is here for our situation. He is the same God that was at the top and bottom. We must be careful not to turn our eyes from Him. The God of the universe cares enough to be on that path with Him. The question is whether or not we will seek Him during that time!

Matthew Elroy

Disciple of Jesus, Husband, Father & pastor.